Hanoi Cathedral – One Of Hanoi Famous Architecture

With Gothic style, the time-honored church of the Roman Catholic Church is located in the heart of Hanoi. Overview of the Hanoi Cathedral With the official name of the church St. Joseph’s Cathedral, Hanoi Cathedral, also called the cathedral of the General The Diocese of Hanoi, is one of the earliest Catholic buildings in Vietnam

How To Go Vietnam

The beautiful scenery in Vietnam always have suction power list for visitors, brings people to the extremely interesting journey. Each destination will help you discover more things about culture as well as the rich cuisines of each region across the S-shaped strip of land. Every season, there are many tours in Vietnam with variety places in this

Hanoi – What To See In One Day?

Hanoi with a long history and a deep culture is a must-see city that any traveller come to Vietnam should take a chance to visit. There are many destinations and activities that you should try once coming Hanoi. Joining a Hanoi one Day Tour or visiting this city in your Vietnam package tours, you also absolutely can explore

Long Bien Bridge – A Pearl Covered In Dust In Hanoi

Built in the early 20th century, the Long Bien bridge has become a symbol of change in Hanoi. Historical ups and downs Long Bien Bridge with over 100 years of life is one of the symbols of history and technology of the early twentieth century. It was the first steel bridge across the Red River,

Hoa Lo Prison – The Most Frightening Place In Southeast Asia

According to CNN’s recently released poll, Hoa Lo Prison in Vietnam ranks first in the top five most frightening places in Southeast Asia. Therefore, it becomes the best destination in Vietnam for people who take Hanoi one Day Tour and would like to understand the history in Hanoi. Overview to Hoa Lo Hoa Lo Prison is located on Hoa Lo

Water Puppetry – Vietnamese Soul In Each Play

Water puppetry ( Mua roi nuoc ) is one of the typical types of the theatrical scene for the Vietnamese national culture – Showing the intellect and intelligence and creativity of the Vietnamese people. The history of Vietnamese water puppetry art Water puppetry originates in the Red delta river area of northern religion Vietnam with